BtD= Before the Destruction
AtD= After the Destruction

Year 102 BtD - Erin Chasz is born in the drow city of Arachzhin in the Underdark.

Year 34 BtD - The high elf priest Silian Wonderworker begins work on the ritual.

Year 0 - The Destruction of the World. The surface elves performed a ritual meant to rip the drow goddess from the world, but it backfired, and tore rifts in the barrier between the world and the Hell of the devils. Mountains fell and new ones rose in their place. Land and sea changed. Magic raged across the world, leaving death and chaos where it had been. The world under the world, the Underdark, was flooded with water. All the gods died or went silent.

Year 1 - AtD - The Great Battle. The races of the world tried valiantly to stop the hordes of devils coming out of the rifts, but they were slowly losing. Then the drow pored out of the Underdark and turned the tide, killing many devils and sending the rest of them back to Hell.

Year 3 - AtD - The greatest dragons, mages and druids in the world gathered to perform the Ritual of Sacrifice. They were successful in creating the Silver Shield, but were all turned to stone in the process.

Year 7 AtD - The world started to calm, the first written records from after the Destruction is from this year.

Year 9 AtD - Founding of the Circle of the Silver Shield in Elvenhome.

Year 79 AtD - The city of Bagheera is founded on the continent of Owo.

Year 143 AtD - The Prophet of The One starts preaching across the lands, preaching a message of hope and salvation if you follow His words. He claims that The One formed from the essence of all the good gods from before the Destruction.

Year 278 AtD - The Great Temple of Salvation is buildt in Bagheera City in the nation of Bagheera.

Year 401 AtD - First mentions of The Cult of the Dark One.

Year 567 AtD - Human sailors reach the previously unknown island in the Sea of Sorrows. They name it Kerrigan and found the city of Millstone.

Year 1345 AtD - The current year