Nowadays, people know him as Saeldur, the wise, a name which he was given after several years of studying and learning the ways of the Circle of the Silver Shield. The story begins many years before that.

His birth name was Alak, the first, since he was the firstborn child of his parents. His mother May, was considerd the most beautiful of all drows on the island of Kerrigan. She married Alak's father Cal, who was a highly respected drow. He was the oldest son of the great Amal, who was one of the drows who founded the Silver Shield.

May and Cal got Alak after being married for 2 years. Alak was supposed to have many siblings, but he ended up a lonely child.
Alak's father was angry at the gods for giving him only one child, he blamed the devils and demons for it. He believed that they had cursed him the day his father Amal closed the rifts.

Cal did not delay teaching young Alak about the rifts and what had happend to the world. Alak who looked so much up to his father would do anything to prove he was worth all the work his father put in to him. At the age of nine, Alak was sent away to the monestary of Hope, not far from Dreadhenge. Here he was schooled by the last remaining drow from the founding of the Silver Shield, Erin Chasz, Advisor of Earth.

Erin was the only one left to tell the story exactly as it was, and to teach others of what he knew about the curse set on the earth.
Alak was a fast learner and absorbed all the information he could get a hold of. On his 19th birthday he was given the name Saeldur.

Saeldur was by many of his fellow students in the monostery considered, the chosen one. He was the one the others came to for advise.

One day, Saeldur got news from home. His mother and father had both been murdered in cold blood, by a demon called Medbahl, and was crucified and hung from a rock at the Dreadhenge. There was a carved message on his fathers flesh, "esaeu lizz rawabbi xa victorius" (you will never be victorius).

Saeldur died inside. He felt that there was only one thing he could do. He studied harder and began to isolate himself from his fellow students, and startet to do research on the darker side of his past and the dark side of drow magic. He was no longer the nice little drow who studied for the sake knowledge, he now dedicated his life to actions. To revenge his parents' death, and to close the rifts once and for all. Nothing, nor anyone could stand in his way.

At the age of 20, Saeldur said farewell to Erin and his fellow students. And the story of Saeldur, have only just begun.