Lexor Silverleaf

Arlo Creek was born into a poor farming family, on the island of Kerrigan. He spent his earliest years on a small farm run by his family of five. When Arlo reached the age of four,
his family was murdered by thieves and the farm was set ablaze. Lexor was able to escape into a nearby forest, where he survived for two days until a forester named Halflar
Redbirch, found him starved and dehydrated, but high in spirit.

"Surviving the attack and the subsequent days in the forest alone must have changed something in him." -Halflar Redbirch.

The forester taught the boy how to survive in the wild, and live in peace with the land. When Arlo turned twelve he was as skilled a survivor as any other man twice his age.
To leave his past behind, he thanked the forester for saving his life, and the forest for giving it back. He took the name Lexor Silverleaf and set out to carve his own path.

For several years he lived as a guide, helping merchants navigate the land between trading posts. Lexor would spend his days scouting for enemies and leading the party around
any dangers that might lay ahead in ambush. But impatient merchants are hard to please, and those wages would not make you rich. While on a job for a middle class merchant
with only a drowsy guard for security, the party was set upon by a highwayman. He had fashioned a trap from trees he had cut to fall on the road. Lexor did not hesitate and
stabbed the man with his dagger. While the highwayman lay there gasping for breath, Lexor took his gold and left him to die. He had learned two things on that job; killing those
who harm nature came easy to him, and when merchants pay poorly for the safest route, they pay a lot better for the quickest.

Lexor spent years sharpening his combat skills. He became a strong and capable combatant, ready to kill the ambushers instead of avoiding them. And with his skills as a scout,
he always saw them coming. The merchants soon realized that he could serve as both guide and guard, which could reduce their expenses. Lexor agreed, for the added piece
of gold.

Half a decade later, Lexor had grown tired of impatient and greedy merchants, they were all the same. He left the job to live in the wild again and connect with his roots.
Not long after, he met a druid searching for him, a novice on his first mission. Lexor knew he was coming and let the druid find him out of curiousity. The druid wished to recruit
Lexor to the Order of the Silver Shield, they had heard of his skill as a warrior and how he was strangely in tune with with nature, they knew something Lexor did not. He
agreed to the offer without hesitation and went with the druid.

He spent several years with the order, training as a combatant, but also as a spellcaster, for Lexor had hidden powers within. He also spent time studying the evils lurked beneath
the world. They were shaping him into a paladin, an elite group of fighters prepared to the defend the world against the hellish forces ready to burst through the rifts. He completed
his training with the order and set out into the world to rid it of it's evil forces, though never forgetting where he came from and what he owed his life to.

A working sketch made by an artist for a blacksmith in Millstone. The sketch depict the design of Lexor's plate armour.
The design was changed slightly in regards to colour at the request of Lexor.