My parents where rich, but always complaining.
Nagging and bragging is what they did. Once after a good night sleep waking up to a rooster with the sun's rays in my eyes, it came upon me that i had enough. So I killed them with an axe after breakfast in the morning. Because they told me what to do all the time.. I didn't like that. I was eight then.

I became free, I abandoned my name and started living in the wild killing all kinds of creatures.
I became used to eating raw meat so much.. If someone offered me grilled meat I'd rather kill him and eat him raw than eating disgusting warm meat.
Not that I see my self as a cannibal, but still.
The older the meat, the greater the smell, the better the taste.
My childhood food went from big rich warm dinners to cold rat meat.
They were the easiest pray in the beginning of my hunting career.

I was without a name until I became sixteen.
I met a religious man who was talking about heaven and hell once.
It was then my understanding that I was in hell, so I started calling my self Hell-me.
But if this is hell.. am I here for ever..? Should I make the best of it?
Who knows.

If someone asked..
I never hold the watch.
I sleep when I sleep, and wake up when I wake up.
I'am not scared of dying..
I'am in hell annyways so I don't realy care.

In battle my eyes lights up for the wonderful joy that I get for killing!
And my face is as happy as it can be!
In battle I feel at home.

A farmer asked me once: What is your real name..? While I was sipping cold soup from his brothers skull.
There was a dispute about land and his brother was not a nice guy, irritating he was..
Anyways, I told him my name was Yazdan Alekos, meaning Merciful helper and Defender of mankind. Isn't that ironic.