Erin Chasz

Dark elves (and elves in general) live a long time. Erin has lived long for an elf. Some speculate that Erin remembers the time before the Destruction. On this he refuses to comment. What is sure is that Erin remember the Destruction, and the chaotic time after. A silent and cautious man, Erin has seen more than most mortals can imagine, and the memories, and time itself, bears its mark.

A wise and patient man, Erin is slow to action, but when he acts he moves with the vigor and strength of a man a thousand years younger.

He feels apart from rest of drow society, having lived for so long that the culture of his people have changed more than he has been able to. To some degree he still lives as he did centuries ago.

He lives in the Monastery of Hope, and seldom leaves, prefering to meditate and read.